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Topsail Charter Fishing


Captain Wayne Crisco is an Inshore master but knows the ins and outs of offshore fishing as well.  Spend some time with him and learn about how tides and temps affect the fishery.  

$40.00 an hour with a 4 Hr minimum

Last Resort Charters

What is a Captain for Hire?​

Did you just buy a boat and have no idea how to operate it?  Have you not been very successful fishing weather it be inshore or offshore?  Hire a certified Coast Guard captain to come on you boat.  We will teach you how to operate your electronics, run the inlet, where and when to fish as well as what tackle you will need.  Gain a lifetime of information in just a few hours.

Zone 8 Charters

Captain Chad Davis of Lucky Dawg Guide Service is a certified Coast Guard Captain.  He is comfortable teaching inshore as well as offshore fishing.  He has operated many different types of electronics and can teach you when and where you need to fish.

$40.00 an Hour with a 4 Hr minimum

Lucky Dawg guide 

Captain Tommy Berry is an Offshore king.  Learn all about fishing the bottom as well as trolling, live bait and kite fishing.  

$40.00 an Hour with a 4 Hr Minimum.

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