All prices listed are per trip not per person.  Example if you see a 1/2 day offshore the price you see will include either 4 or 6 passengers for the $650 cost.  What is included in the prices listed?  We supply rods, reels, bait, tackle and licenses on all of our trips. The only other expense that may occur is a tip for the mate if your charter has one.  15-20% is typical. 

What should I bring?  Sunscreen, sunglasses, food, drinks, medication and a cooler to take your fish home.

Does someone clean our fish for us?  Some captains do some do not.  You will need to ask you captain when you are put in contact with him.

I'm worried about seasickness do you have any recommendations?  If your charter is on the soundside there is no need to fear at all.  If you are worried because you have an ocean charter I suggest start taking your medication (dramamine, bonine, etc) the day before as directed.  Eat a good breakfast, no hangovers, stay hydrated.  Most tolerate the seas just fine.

What if the weather is bad?  We will do our best to reschedule you if that is not possible you will not be charged one dime and your deposit will be refunded.

Can I bring alcohol?  You may bring beer and wine.  Spirited liquor is forbidden by the coastguard unless the boat has a galley (nautical speak for kitchen).

Does my boat have a bathroom?  Some boats do have a bathroom some do not.  You will need to ask if the boat you have chosen has a "Head" (nautical speak for bathroom).


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