Captain Allen Jernigan has been gigging commercially for a long time.  He bring with him years of experience in Flounder gigging for his lively hood.  Call today as he books up quickly in the summer months.  4 hrs $300.  4+ hrs to all night $400.  Prices are based on 2 adults.  A third may be possible.  Call for rates.

Captain Allen Jernigan stays booked up months in advance.  If you would like a trip with him you will need to call very far in advance.

Breadman ventures

Flounder gigging is done in the shallow waters of the sound at night.  We use small flat bottom boats rigged with a powerful set of lights that shine down into the water.  We use trolling motors to move along slowly scanning the bottom for Flounder, Speckled Trout, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Mullet, Conch and Crabs.  Once our prey is found we use a long handled spear to "Gig" them or a long handled dip net to scoop them up.  Gigging is great for kids as well as adults.  You get to see how the sound works by viewing the bottom.  Many fish and crustaceans like shrimp are attracted to the lights.  Gigging is usually very productive and a great family activity.

What is Flounder Gigging?​

Gotta Fly Guide

Captain Lee is a true water man.  He has been fishing the waters of North Carolina since childhood.  Captain Lee knows where the big boys live and is a constant professional.  4 hrs $300. 6 hrs for $400.  All night $500.  Lee's boat is a little larger than the others and can hold a few more people.  Call for pricing over 3.

I have been fishing the waters of Sneads Ferry and Topsail for 35 years. I fish out of a 24' Triton Bay Boat specializing in Speckled Trout, and Red Drum, and Flounder; however I also fish light tackle for near shore species Bonito, Spanish, and Albacore. 

I offer Flounder Gigging Charters (4 hours/$300, all night $500).


Captain John Tedder has been gigging for a long time.  He brings with him years of experience.   4 hrs $300.  4+ hrs to all night $400.  Prices are based on 2 adults.  A third may be possible.  Call for rates.

gig-a-bite charters

Come gig aboard the Gig-A-Bite with Captain Gene who cut his teeth giging commercially. Come explore gigging on one of the newest boats in the fleet a17' Sea Ark. This is also a great way for children to experience marine life in its natural environment, not seen during day light hours. The price is $350 for 4 hours for 4 ppl.

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